Florida Slow Down and Move Over Law

As you approach emergency vehicles you are required by law to move out of the lane closest to the emergency vehicle and slow down. The law was created because there are a lot of accidents and injuries on the side of Florida highways and roads.

The Move Over Law is designed to protect Florida police, fire, and other emergency workers when they are on roads and highways. As you approach emergency vehicles you must move out of the lane closest to them if the road has two or more lanes traveling in your direction.

Slow Down

Not only must you move over but you must also slow down. The law states that you must slow down 20 MPH less than the posted speed limit. So if you are on the Florida Turnpike and the speed limit is 70 MPH you must slow down to 50 MPH as you approach and pass emergency vehicles.

Florida Highway Patrol

You Must Move Out of the Lane Next to the Trooper


If you don’t move over the penalty is about $120 (depending on the Florida county) and 3 points on your drivers license.

Protecting Police and Fire

The police and fire department face enough danger already and this law was created because these brave emergency workers actually got hit by cars passing by. So move over and slow down.